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These are not the only anti-spyware programs on the market, but these are the ones recommended by, a trustworthy, independent spyware evaluation site. 
  Web Link
  Link   Windows Defender
This is Microsoft's offering for Windows XP and later to keep your computer free of spyware. A free addition to XP, it is included automatically with windows Vista.
  Link   Spyware Doctor
Another well known, popular choice for spyware scanning.
  Link   Super AntiSpyware
Highly rated by the independent spyware rating site,, this may be just what you're looking for.
  Link   SpySweeper
A long popular, well matured anti-spyware program
  Link   Pest Patrol Anti-spyware
The personal use version of an enterprise level program fom Computer Associates.
  Link   AVG Anti-spyware
This link is to the free for personal use version of this very popular software. The paid version can be found at and offers more automation and easier use.
  Link   Ad-aware Anti-spyware
A very popular, and free, anti-spyware program. Be very careful of look-a-likes that actually infect your computer with spyware!